52 Shot Pickup by Rumchata

Wanna rank the best RumChata shots?

Join us for 52 weeks of recipes—and 52 weeks of fun!

Every Friday in 2023, we’ll release a delicious, new flavor combo for you to try. Come back to rate each recipe at the end of the month, and see which shot becomes the cream (and the rum, and the spice) of the crop!

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Caribbean rum,
Mexican spice,
and Wisconsin dairy cream walk into a bar.

Smooth and creamy RumChata is made with the finest ingredients to deliver cinnamon spice taste in every sip.

Spice up the ordinary with our family of products.

RumChata Featured Image


Smooth, creamy, and spicy.

Limón Featured Image


Creamy RumChata taste with a hint of lemon.

Peppermint Bark Featured Image

Peppermint Bark

Delightful peppermint and chocolate for a seasonal finish.

Coconut Cream Featured Image

Coconut Cream

Smooth and creamy with a burst of tropical coconut flavor.

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